Poems can be found here

Oh be quiet, Against the Grain Press (September 2020)

Poems you can read online:

Baby have you, have you in Perverse 3A
I know you only invited me in for coffee, but
 at The Poetry Society
Night punting to standstill
at Ink Sweat & Tears
Persephone at the mangle
 at The High Window
Eleven days
on And Other Poems
Climb through my windows, climb up my tree in Angle 8
Two poems at And Other Poems
Hackney Lido with the Nuttalls at The Stare’s Nest
Three poems on Clear Poetry
Resulting angles and perspectives in Mixed Borders
 in Pod issue 2
Entonox/the view from the window in Pod issue 1
One poem in Deseeded vol 3
Two poems at The Stare’s Nest
All the secret things at the Fat Damsel
To Rabbi Goldberg: a love letter at Ink, Sweat & Tears
Welcome to inclusion at Verbatim
Hampstead Ponds, Tuesday afternoon in Stepaway Magazine issue 14
Metastases in Antiphon 12
Two short poems in Nutshells and Nuggets
Anaemia in Antiphon 11
Clean up re-phrase in Fake Poems

Poems in print magazines/anthologies:

I know you only invited me in for a coffee, but in Night Feeds and Morning Songs (Orion)
Like when we went to the cinema that time
in Staying Human (Bloodaxe)
Buff crow in Finished Creatures issue 4
Refrigerator mother in Butcher’s Dog 13
Hospital visit with talisman
in Coast to Coast to Coast 6
2 poems in Strix 7
In the changing room we see in Firth 3
Afternoon Crocodile
in Butcher’s Dog 11
Children celebrate the arrival of the Sabbath
in Second Place Rosette (Emma Press)
How it was I came to this land
 in Domestic Cherry 6
For I had tired of philosophers
in Interpreter’s House 68
Girls in Firth
Things that I say to my enemy
in Magma
Useful words and phrases in Coast to Coast to Coast
How to tell your son he has no friends in Writing Motherhood (Seren)
Clytemnestra in Chronicles of Eve (Paper Swans)
A poem in Mildy Erotic Verse (Emma Press)
All things fall in Cobra Res 1.9
Two poems in The Very Best of 52 (Nine Arches)
Two poems in Schooldays (Paper Swans)
Two poems in Interpreter’s House 58
Hampstead Ponds, Tuesday afternoon in Slim Volume 2: Wherever You Roam
He liked her to talk about other women’s breasts in Butcher’s Dog 4
Dog Days in Prole 15
Eleven Days in Lighthouse 7
Hackney Lido with the Nuttalls in Lunar Poetry 2 (reading at launch here)
Two poems in Domestic Cherry 4 


  1. couleegee · May 3, 2019

    I love the photo and how you have organized your writing.

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