First garden poem

This poem is composed from different things people said about Fenton House garden last Saturday. There will be more coming soon as lots of the garden’s visitors stopped and talked to me. It was wonderful to be able to meet and speak to so many interesting people. I’ll be back as the poet in residence for Apple Day (which is actually the weekend of October 3/4th).

Resulting angles and perspectives

The colours are bright and amazing. The roses
parfume remind me of my childhood.
Particularly the orchard which seems very magical.
Even granny

wanted to hide. The levels are brilliant.
You turn – and every place is picture.
Excellent planting and amazing echiums,
many thanks.

It is a quintessential ‘English
Garden’. Echium pininana
was so interesting and fun to look at.
We garden in Worcs.

It’s very good for hide and seek,
A lovely sense of peace, escape.
I would let the grass grow long,
and hide.


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